High expression of AMACR protein occurs in prostate adenocarcinoma, but not in benign prostate tissue.

P63 is detected in prostate basal cells in normal prostate glands and PIN. However, it is negative in prostate adenocarcinoma.

CK HMW clone 34βE12 recognizes benign prostate basal cells and PIN and, like p63, is negative in prostate adenocarcinoma. Thus, CK 34βE12 and p63 are useful as differential markers for benign prostate glands and adenocarcinoma (negative markers).

The combination of AMACR (rabbit), CK HMW and p63 (both mice) can be extremely useful for the diagnosis of PIN and adenocarcinoma, especially in difficult cases with limited tissue.

PIN 4-stained prostate adenocarcinoma using DAB-conjugate p63 & HMW CK34βE12 and FastRed-conjugate AMACR. Benign glands are p63 + / HMW CK34βE12 + / AMACR +, while adenocarcinoma is p63- / HMW CK34βE12- / AMACR +